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Curriculum that Builds the Foundation for Early Learning and Beyond...

At Tree of Life Early Learning Center, our curriculum and program are led and guided by Teaching Strategies Creative Curriculum and a faith-based curriculum ABCJesus Loves Me.  The Creative Curriculum and the Teaching Strategies GOLD® help teach children to be independent in their learning and allow the teachers to evaluate the pace and style at which a child learns and accommodate for that.  These standards are guidelines that will help build the foundation for kindergarten and beyond. Standards or milestones are set up into categories called a learning domain.

Domains for Children Birth through Three Years of Age Include: 

Personal and Social Development

Language Development

Cognitive Development

Physical Development

Domains for Children Three through Five Years of Age Include:

Social and Personal Development

Language and Literacy

Mathematical Thinking

Scientific Thinking

Social Studies

The Arts

Physical Development and Health

ABC Jesus Loves Me! is a five-level curriculum for children ages one through five. This comprehensive program covers Bible, science, reading readiness activities, introductory math, gross and fine motor skills, character traits, self-care and manners, visual perception, music, and art.


Sign language is taught in Year 1. Hands-on activities, movement, reading books, singing, and arts and crafts dominate the activities planned throughout lessons. Activities become more academic as students age up. The 1 Year Curriculum introduces toddlers to books, Bible stories, songs, animals, sign language, colors, shapes, and the parts of their body. 


The 2 Year Curriculum teaches fingerplays with songs, and children learn the name of their town and state, the letters of the alphabet in order, and counting from 1 through 10.


In the 3 Year Curriculum, children are introduced to all of the letters, both upper- and lower-case, as well as their sounds. They learn numbers 1 through 15. Tactile letters and numbers are used along with formation chants and rhymes for the child to learn how to form the letters, but actual writing starts in 4 Year. Children continue to learn Bible stories, memory verses, nursery rhymes, fingerplays, songs, colors, shapes, sorting, patterns, and both fine and gross motor skills.


In the 4 Year Curriculum, children develop greater familiarity with letters and their sounds as well as the ability to write both uppercase and lowercase letters. Similarly, they learn numbers up through 25, including how to write them.


The 5 Year Curriculum starts phonics and recognizing words that start with letters of the alphabet. Students can count and write numbers to 40, count backward from 10 to 0, and count by 10s to 100. Coins, the clock, and beginning addition are introduced. Students start to learn about community helpers, maps, and their country and state. Science is introduced when children start to classify things as living or non-living and learn about the five senses.

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