Tree of Life Early Learning Center recognizes the critical role that nutrition plays in our children’s lives. That is why we have partnered with Novick Childcare Solutions to get the most from our nutritional program.   Their experienced dietitians and childcare specialists are as fully committed to nourishing young lives as Tree of Life is to nurturing them.

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A certified dietitian carefully plans the most delicious, yet nutritious, meals to ensure students not only love their food, but are getting the right vitamins and minerals for healthy growth. Our menu plan can also accommodate families with most dietary restrictions.

Tree of Life Early Learning Center also incorporates Family Style Dining within our Early Preschool and older aged group programs! Family Style Dining is a USDA best practice and offers our children so many benefits, such as:

  • Our teachers modeling healthy habits during meal time

  • Students learning how to serve themselves and how to share

  • Learning time during meal times