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6 weeks-23 months old

Infants and toddlers learn so much during this short period of time! Our infant and toddler teachers ensure that we create loving, nurturing and trusting relationships with your young one in order to promote healthy development. 

Within our infant and toddler rooms, we can promote child development and learning by:

  • Building strong relationships with each family and creating open lines of communication about development and daily interactions that can be held through our parent communication app AND in person.

  • Making sure that all of our little ones are encouraged to explore the world around them freely (and safely) through hands on play, sensory experiences, and introducing colorful interesting materials and toys in the classroom.

  • Ensuring that our teachers follow familiar routines that infants and toddlers can feel secure about. In addition, making sure that we are talking and building language during the day with all of our babies. Most of all we pay attention to our infant and toddler signals and sounds to assist with their communication for needs and wants.

Infants & Toddlers

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