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Nature Class

Enrollment is available for the 2024-2025 School Year!

Curriculum that Builds the Foundation for Early Learning and Beyond...

At Tree of Life Early Learning Center, our curriculum and program are led and guided by the Maryland Early Learning Standards and a Christian faith-based curriculum. Maryland Early Learning Standards outlines the expectations for what children should know in their early stages of development from birth to 8 years old. These standards are guidelines that will help build the foundation for kindergarten and beyond. Standards or milestones are set up into categories called a learning domain.​



Domains for Children Birth through Three Years of Age Include:








Domains for Children Three through Five Years of Age Include:

1. Social and Personal Development

2. Physical Development and Health

3. Language and Literacy.

4. Mathematical Thinking

5. Scientific Thinking

6. Social Studies
7.The Arts


At its core,

our faith-based curriculum and learning, has five comprehensive, research-based curricula for ages 1-5 that focus on academics, development, and Bible learning through play. Teachers incorporate nutrition and physical activities into their daily lesson plans, as well. Each classroom provides physical activity daily, including outdoor activity twice daily as weather permits and indoor movement activities throughout the day. The amount of time children are encouraged to participate in physical activity is developmentally appropriate and may increase with age.



Classroom Experience

In the classroom, we provide children with the time, materials, and guidance they need to understand their world and to communicate that understanding in ways that are meaningful. Tree of Life Early Learning Center recognizes that children are naturally curious about the world around them and learn critical math, reading, and writing concepts through hands-on experiences. We support children’s active exploration and investigation through intentionally planned individual, small group, and large group

1. Personal and Social Development

2. Language Development

3. Cognitive Development
4. Physical Development

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